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校務通知 Announcements

4/20 Spring Break - No School
4月20日 春假 停課一次

CCS Board Members Election Day 思源董監事選舉
Date : Friday April 27, 2018
Time : 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Room : C108

Each family will receive 1 credit point for casting the vote.

Tea with Principal & Vice Principal
Parents Meeting ( 家長大會)

May 4, 2018 @7:30pm Room C108

“CCS Spring Sale”
May 4, 2018 @6pm MV Courtyard

Our annual Spring Sale Fundraising will be held on 5/4 (6:00pm-7:30pm) before CCS parents meeting. Please consider donating new or like new items and bring them to school before 6:00pm on the day of. This year we are adding a silent auction to the Spring Sale event to raise fund for the increased classroom rent. We have created the spreadsheet below for Spring Sale/Auction items. Please sign up or add your own item there.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office (or contact Mei-Feng, meifengliu@gmail.com).

ANCCS Academic Competition Rules
Speaker : Teacher Annie Yang 楊甯老師
Friday May 18, 2018 @8pm Room C108

楊甯老師分享 北加州中文學校學術比賽規則
說話是人類與生俱來的本能, 但口才是需要訓練的. 如果你的孩子對演講或朗讀有興趣, 或您希望培養貴子弟參加北加州中文學校學術比賽, 請家長於 5/18/2018 , 8:00pm 到辦公室, 我們會針對

若有需要特別討論的議題,請事先email到 annieforccs@yahoo.com

Speaking is a natural instinct that we humans have. However, eloquence in speaking requires training. If your child is interested in public speaking or reading, or if you want to develop your children's skill in order to participate in the Northern California Chinese School Academic Competition, please come to the office on 5/18/2018 at 8:00pm. We will target these topics:
1.How to lay a solid foundation for public speaking and readings
2.How to write a good speech
3.How to help students practice and prepare speeches and public reading
4.Competition rules and on-the-spot responses for public speaking and reading

If there is a topic that needs special discussion, please email to:annieforccs@yahoo.com

近期活動 Recent Events and Activities

柏克萊加大中文師資培訓星談(STARTALK) 計劃
灣區的老師有福了!享譽十年的柏克萊加大中文師資培訓星談(STARTALK) 計劃,本年將移師聖母大學(Notre Dame de Manure University),由往年的教學團隊繼續傾力提供優質的師資培訓課程。

負責該計劃的郭譽玫教授表示,此暑期培訓計劃仍延續以往柏克萊加大的星談教學模式,提供網上(6/4 – 6/15)和實體(6/18 – 6/29)的混合式學習課程,學費由聯邦政府全額補助。全程修畢學員不但可獲頒結業證書,而且還有機會優先申請進入聖母大學的加州教師執照課程。該計劃將於4/12截止報名,有意申請者請儘速上網查詢相關訊息,以免向隅。網址:

Berkeley (STARTALK) Chinese Teacher Program

Blessed teachers in the Bay Area! The 10 year-old Berkeley's STARTALK program will be moved to Notre Dame de Manure University this year. The teaching team of previous years will continue to provide quality teacher training courses moving forward.

Academic Director, Dr. Stella Kwok, stated that this summer training program continues the previous Berkeley-enhanced star talk teaching mode, providing both online (6/4 – 6/15) and on-site (6/18 – 6/29), blending different teaching methods. Tuition fees are fully subsidized by the federal government. After completing the course, students will not only be awarded a certificate of completion, but also have the opportunity to apply for the California Teachers’ Licensing Program at Notre Dame University. The program registration will be closed on the 4/12. Interested applicants are requested to check the relevant information on the Internet as soon as possible so as to avoid any delay. Website:

2018 ANCCS Summer Camp


日期:第一梯次(1st camp) June 18 ~June 22, 2018
第二梯次(2nd camp) June 25 ~June 29, 2018
地 點:金山灣區華僑文教服務中心
Camp site : (100 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035)
招生(Who):2018年9月將升1-8年級的學童,按年齡分班。(1st to 8th graders in 2018-2019 School Year)
費用(Cost): 4/14以前登記僅收 $190.00 member price (非會員學校學生: $220.00 non member price)
報名截止日: 6/9 (sign up by 6/9)

Summer Camp Flyer & Application Form 夏令營傳單 請點這
Summer Camp Waiver Form 夏令營豁免書 請點這
Emergency & Medical Authorization Form 緊急醫療授權書 請點這

2018 ANCCS Summer Camp

The "Chinese Culture Summer Camp" organized by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools is centered around Chinese culture. It provides an opportunity for overseas Chinese students who is usually busy with studies and other after-school activities to be in touch and learn Chinese folk culture and traditions. Through teaching of professional instructors, students will learn to understand the profoundness of Chinese culture. On another level, students are provided with physical and mental educational activities that are fully enjoyable. The cost is minimal so that all students have the opportunity to participate. We believe that this is a joint effort between parents and children. Please don't miss this rare opportunity to register for your children. Due to the limited number of spaces, we will no longer accept students when registration is full. For students who want to join, please register online to avoid any delay. (Please refer to the attachment for registration) The summer camp as hosted by the Association invited professional teachers from Taiwan to guide students in folk sports courses. These talented teachers are carefully selected by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee. In addition, the ANCCS will also employ Bay Area professional culture and folk art teachers to teach students the skills of Chinese hand crafts, folk culture, folk artwork, and Chinese traditional snacks.

Organizer: Association of Northern California Chinese School
Counselling Unit: Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of the Republic of China
Dates: 1st camp June 18 ~ June 22, 2018
2nd camp June 25 ~ June 29, 2018
Location: Cultural Center of TECO (100 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035)
Enrollment (Who): Students will be in grades 1-8 by September 2018, classes separated by age
Cost: Registered before 4/14 only $190.00 member price (non-member school students: $220.00 non member price)
Registration Deadline: 6/9 (sign up by 6/9)

【Registration procedures】 Please refer to the following attachments for all registration details
Summer Camp Flyer & Application Form: Please click here
Summer Camp Waiver Form: Please click here
Emergency & Medical Authorization Form: Please click here

ANCCS recent events and activities

1. 4/15 多媒體簡報比賽 (Multimedia Newsletter Competition)

2. 4/22 第二次教學研討會 (Teaching Seminar)

3. 5/6 成語比賽 Idiom Competition
詳情請參照三月份思源通訊。年齡分組更正, 應該 是2003 及2005年9/1。 比賽辦法及年級分組更正詳情 請點這 或見聯合會網站

4. 球類比賽 Sports Competition
5/5-5/6 ( 足球比賽 soccer ), 5/19-5/20 ( 籃球比賽 basketball ) 詳情請見

5. 北加州 中文學校聯合會?學金 ANCCS Scholarships 4/30 截止,請鼓勵學生申請。 詳情請見

6. 北加州中文學校聯合會-優良教師 ANCCS Teacher Awards
5/16截止。詳情請見 http://www.anccs.org/latest-news/page-16

7. 會員學校教師需求 Teaching positions post board
請至聯合會網站 "中文老師招募看版" 觀看最新訊息

April 2018 Teachers Meeting 活動剪影

2018 April Teacher Meeting Pic1
Ilumin Education Presentation

Ilumin Education Presentation Picture
ANCCS Academic Competition
Congratulations to Cindy Zhou (class 8-A) 1st Place Winner of Chinese Read Out Loud Competition.
恭喜鄒若曦, 北加州中文學校學術比賽,朗讀比賽A組第一名.
Competition pic 1
Competition pic 2
Competition pic 3
Competition pic 4
Competition pic 5
Competition pic 6
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思源中文學校 Cupertino Chinese School
上課地點/Location: Cupertino Monta Vista High
上課時間/Time: Friday, 7-8:50pm
聯絡學校/Contact: 408-87-GoCCS (408-874-6227)

- 2018-2019 學年學生註冊須知
- 2018-2019 Registration Guide

活動掠影 Activities

Parent Volunteer Credit Point
Required Points:
One student per family: 8 pts
Two students per family: 14 pts
Three students per family: 18 pts

Room parent - 1 pt per week
Traffic 小組長 - 1.5 pts per week
Yard duty 小組長 - 1.5 pts per week
Traffic duty - 1 pt per week
Yard duty - 1 pt per week
   > 交通指揮職責及配置圖
學術比賽 (Academic Contest)-1 pt per session
祭孔典禮 ( Confucius Ceremony) - 2 pts
雙十國慶表演 (Taiwan National Day) - 2 pts
董監事投票 (Board of Director Election) - 1 pt
Office helper - 1 pt per week
家長大會 (Parents Meeting) - 1 pt
Parents-Teacher meeting (1st day) - 1 pt

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